Hidden Impact (A Safeguard Novel) - Piper J. Drake

I love how this book begins! Maylin's sister has gone missing in their parents native China and she can't get any sort of help or information. So she approaches one of the security staff at an event she is catering only to be rebuffed. Gabe originally thought that Maylin was coming on to him however once he listened to her and realized the trouble her sister was in, he told her just how hopeless the case was.  Gabe then watches as Maylin almost ran over and determines that there is more to this disappearance. So ensure the adventure of discovering what happens. Gabe's ex-girlfriends reek havoc  between Gabe and Maylin.

I love the interaction and the camaraderie between the Centurion crew not to mention the name Centurion Corporation. It just screams power! From the first page to the last I was enthralled and couldn't wait to find out what happens. Gabe is the hero that every woman dreams of while Maylin is a strong character who is a whizz in the kitchen and Piper J. Drake has whipped up the perfect recipe for an amazing series. 


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