Tempted In Texas - Sara York

Tempted in Texas is a pretty quick read yet it packs a punch! Rusty owns a ranch in Texas and after an embarrassing incident he isn't the most popular guy in town. The small town doesn't really accept the fact that Rusty is gay either. He does have a fling a couple of times a year when his friend comes by but other than that he is pretty much on his own since his neighbor died. It was a bit sad for me! Here is this great guy yet he has resigned himself to the fact that he is always going to be alone.


Enter Trent whose grandfather happens to be the Rusty's neighbor that passed away.  Trent is surprised when he finds out about his grandfather's will as well as by the the terms and conditions specified by the old man. Live in the house for ninety days and everything is his. His grandfather was less than accepting of the fact that Trent was gay. On top of that Trent has a tortured past that leads him to accept the terms of the will. He heads from Atlanta to Texas to earn some easy money.


Of course nothing is ever that easy! Trent and Rusty are as different as day and night yet they have a lot in common and not just their instant attraction for one another. The pair begin to work together between the two ranches and then Reed gets thrown into the mix. He is in his fifties and acts more like a whiny two year old at times. All in all this was a good read and I got the feeling that as unaccepting as Trent's grandfather was his will just went to prove how much he loved his grandson and thought of Rusty. Bringing Trent there was a way for him to not only provide for him but also help Rusty with his loneliness.


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