A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel - Vonnie Davis

This is book two in A Highlander's Beloved series and I fell just as love with this book as I did the first. Kenzie Denune has loved Bryce since the day she met him and they were the best of friends until the day Bryce meets Miranda. Bryce marries Miranda when she becomes pregnant and then when his daughter Colleen is born, Miranda dies. Bryce vows never to love another for the memory of his wife. A few years after Miranda's death Kenzie and Bryce begin seeing one another but Bryce can't seem to get pass the guilt he feels for loving someone other than Miranda. So a heartbroken Kenzie falls for Duncan who is abusive, a drunk and addict who beats Kenzie to the point of miscarriage and hospitalized.  Bryce vows then and there to win Kenzie back.  

Since the miscarriage Kenzie has been trying to put her life back together, even if it's alone, and learning more about her Wiccan powers. Bryce's bear has other thoughts and demands he take Kenzie but the man knows he has made a lot of mistakes that he needs to make up for. Secrets that Kenzie never wanted Bryce to know about comes out and while they try to work through their grief and start again Effie drops a bomb. Now they have a crazy evil man after Kenzie who thinks that running to keep the man and family she loves safe.

Bryce is the most silver tounged Highlander charmer that I've read. He could charm the Pope out of his clothing! Of course it doesn't hurt that he is sexy and hunky either. He sees himself as a simple gardener but he is anything but. He is also the most senstivie of the three brothers and that bothers him a bit. 

“His head lowered and his breath feathered over her face. "Ye belong to me, Kenzie Denune - every passionate, stunning part of ye. Me, Colleen, and our entire family, we all need ye." His lips moved against hers as he spoke. "But mainly, me, for ye fit against me, every delectable inch, outside and in." Then his lips covered hers and took control.”

Kenzie  has been through the ringer and she is learning to be strong on her own. Yet there is such a sadness about her that you can actually feel it within your soul. You know from page one that these two belong together but there is just so much hurt and pain for them to get past and their future is so unsure.

Of course Effie is back and I love her as always!

"What's to tell? He's the youngest of the Matheson brothers, but then maybe ye ken that since yer granddaughter is married to the eldest."
"No. Tell me about your relationship with him and how you ended up with his muddy hand prints on your boobs. I'm betting that story is a barn burner.”

Also you get to see more of Colleen, Bryce and Miranda's daughter, who is not only intelligent but sassy and inquisitive. She is every bit as much a charmer as Bryce and can find particular hidden magazines anywhere. Nor does she mind leaving them on the dinner table to rat you out either!
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