Dangerous Secrets: Callaghan Brothers, Book 1 - Abbie Zanders

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Can you say OMG? I stumbled uponDangerous Secrets while I was on vacation and found it amazing! Abbie Zanders has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  The Callaghan brothers all were once Navy SEALs and now work for the secretly for the government. They are the guys that get called when there is no one else that can handle the job. However they all have regular jobs as well and have laid down roots in the town they live in. Jake Callaghan runs the family's Irish pub along with his brother Ian and on a really busy night in walks a woman that blows him away.

Taryn Malone gets stranded when her car breaks down. She is out of money and needs a job so she heads into the pub and ends up being a bartender. Jake also gives her a room to stay in above the pub where he and most of his brothers also stay. I love how various brothers all seem to get into the bed with Taryn. Nothing sexual happens but at one point she asks what is up with all that!

"What the hell is with your brothers, anyway?" she asked. "Do they do this to everyone?"

It is clear from the beginning that Taryn and Jake are attracted to one another and when they finally give in to that attraction Jake acts like a man and things go downhill from there. Taryn runs but is waylaid by none other than Kane, Jake older brother whom she hasn't met. I love the relationship that Kane and Taryn develop. It is so sweet (Kane is my favorite brother) and the friendship lasts throughout the series. The guys know that something is up and when the past she is running from catches up with her they don't hesitate to do something about it.

There is just so much to love about this series! For example how all of the brothers are different yet so similar. They all have the same piercing blue eyes, a Callaghan Crest tattoo with their specialty on it, and each book is about them meeting their croie (Irish for heart.)

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