The Airman's E-Mail Order Bride - Cora Seton

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This is my FAVORITE Heroes of Chance Creek book! It truly is and let me tell you if Heloise wasn't a book character and an old woman I would slap the crap out of her! I really would. What she has put those boys through has been nothing short of hell! Colt and Heather deserve to be happy and get married but then well a monkey wrench gets thrown in and what can you do. Colt decides to be honest while getting a bride and tell them up front what he wants. He finds what he is looking for in Melanie but he in intrigued by Helena. I love the dream he has about his father in the beginning because Colt has some guilt about his father's death.

"I think your stint here is about finished, son."

Finished? His job was never finished. If it wasn't the Taliban in Afghanistan, it was drug lords in Central America, or an earthquake in Haiti. "I don't think so."

"Someone's waiting for you. Don't let them down."

Heather, through the advice of her friends, create a fake profile to try and win Colt. He turns her down at first but then they begin talking to one another. He realizes that Helena is truly Heather and things get hot quick. Then he finds out he is a father and oh yeah Heloise has met fake fiancee Melanie. The pain and hurt that Colt and Heather goes through just tore me up. I cried through most of this book because I felt so bad for Heather. However I was so proud of Colt when he said "Enough!" and put not only everyone else but Helosie in her place.