The Navy SEAL's E-Mail Order Bride (Heroes of Chance Creek) (Volume 1) - Cora Seton

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Navy SEALS need I really say more? There is just something that is so hot about them! The Navy SEAL’s E-mail Order Bride was actually the very first Cora Seton book I read and I really enjoyed it. Mason Hall has so many responsibilities and the biggest at the moment is getting back the ranch his family lost after his father’s death.  Thanks to his Aunt Heloise he and his brothers have a chance to do just that. The problem is they have to get married by a particular date. Well how do four soldiers find wives? Through the internet of course! Mason places ads for himself and his three brothers telling them they can change their ads if they want to.

“Nice cleavage.”

Regan looked down, then back at him and realized her mistake. V-neck T-shirt, bending over the laptop to search behind it. “A gentleman would have looked away.”

“I’m no gentleman,” Mason said.

Mason has a plan to logical go through each of the women’s responses and find one that is a good fit. He didn’t count on Regan Anderson! Regan answers Mason’s ad one night while having a little too much to drink and watching too much Jane Austen. Instead of a picture of herself she sends one of her ankle. Mason finds it funny but plans on deleting the message and moving on. However he can’t and so he replies. That begins their relationship and soon they are Skyping and e-mailing back and forth. Mason has Regan in the running for a wife while she has other plans. Once he leaves the Navy he heads out to meet Regan and convince her to give it a try.

When he mock growled at her, she shrieked and ran away. Mason gave chase, hooked her around the waist and toppled her to the ground, cushioning her fall, but straddling her just the same when she was down.

“Now I’ve got you.”

“Yes, you have,” she agreed happily. When he bent to ravish her, she gave herself up to it willingly and ten minutes later she was breathless, her clothing awry and her heart pounding. No one had ever affected her like Mason did. Whenever he was close, every nerve in her body came alive, longing for him.

I have to hand it to Regan, if I had seen the state of the ranch along with the gazillion other issues I would have ran for the hills. The romance between Mason and Regan is charming and simply wonderful. They connected as friends first, making each other laugh and finding common ground. Then they meet and their hormones know what they want. They come together to try and build the life that they both want and while they are working against the odds they do it so well!


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