Love Under Two Honchos - Cara Covington

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Remember I told you about how Colt and Ryder (book 4) got back at Susan’s brothers well it is in this book and let me tell you it’s funny. Although in all fairness they don’t actually knowingly get back at them. They simply find humor in a mistake that happens. Josh and Alex Benedict have this plan to find the perfect wife. They are intelligent and are sure if they use that along with their logic things will be fine. What they hadn’t counted on was their Grandma Kate and the fact that love has no logic to it at all. Grandma Kate hire Penelope to work for the brothers and the minute they meet sparks begin to fly.

“Penelope, this is Joshua and Alexander Benedict, two of my grandsons, and the current head honchos of Benedict Oil and Minerals.”

Oh, dear. It wasn’t the older men who had risen their feet, but two younger ones whose faces she hadn’t seen when she entered as they’d been sitting, heads down, and writing.  Her eyes fastened on two of the most handsome, well-built, yummy-looking men she had ever seen in her life. But that wasn’t what had her heart pounding and those butterflies doing somersaults.

It was the sudden realization that there, standing before her, were the very images of the wispy, ethereal lovers who had haunted her dreams for the past six years.

Talk about a first impression! They are all so attracted to one another that they end up in bed together the very night they meet. That can only mean one thing of course! The men become super overprotective and poor Penelope is in a  tail spin.

“Let me.” Alex’s voice drew his attention. “I’ve been fantasizing,” his brother said as he reached up and began to draw the pins from Penelope’s hair.

Miles of black, luminous locks tumbled free, cascading down to hang just at the middle of her sweet, sweet ass.

“Jesus.” Alex’s one word, reverent, as he gently combed his fingers through her hair, echoed Josh’s sentiment, exactly.

“My God.” Like a man mesmerized, Josh tossed the condoms onto the table and went to her.

He cupped her face, turned her to him, and kissed her again at the same time his brother started liberating her from her clothes.

Then she accidentally discovers their idea of how to find the perfect wife and realize that perhaps what they have been sharing hasn’t been on the up and up. What she does to Josh and Alex is so funny! She is so angry and I must tell you that I don’t blame her one bit. She heads out and runs straight to Grandma Kate determined to quit her job and move on. However Grandma Kate is not a woman to be deterred from her mission and her mission is to see that the unattached family members become attached! Then Penelope, Josh, and Alex all find out that the first night they were together left some consequences thanks to the boys sister and her husband unusual method of birth control. This is a mission for the entire family and bringing these three together require drastic measures!  I enjoyed learning about this particular marriage because in later books they aren’t around much. They run part of the family business so they stay pretty busy.