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5 Stars
Review: Hidden Impact by Piper J. Drake
Hidden Impact (A Safeguard Novel) - Piper J. Drake

I love how this book begins! Maylin's sister has gone missing in their parents native China and she can't get any sort of help or information. So she approaches one of the security staff at an event she is catering only to be rebuffed. Gabe originally thought that Maylin was coming on to him however once he listened to her and realized the trouble her sister was in, he told her just how hopeless the case was.  Gabe then watches as Maylin almost ran over and determines that there is more to this disappearance. So ensure the adventure of discovering what happens. Gabe's ex-girlfriends reek havoc  between Gabe and Maylin.

I love the interaction and the camaraderie between the Centurion crew not to mention the name Centurion Corporation. It just screams power! From the first page to the last I was enthralled and couldn't wait to find out what happens. Gabe is the hero that every woman dreams of while Maylin is a strong character who is a whizz in the kitchen and Piper J. Drake has whipped up the perfect recipe for an amazing series. 


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This review was first published at Blushing Reads.


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4.5 Stars
Tempted in Texas by Sara York
Tempted In Texas - Sara York

Tempted in Texas is a pretty quick read yet it packs a punch! Rusty owns a ranch in Texas and after an embarrassing incident he isn't the most popular guy in town. The small town doesn't really accept the fact that Rusty is gay either. He does have a fling a couple of times a year when his friend comes by but other than that he is pretty much on his own since his neighbor died. It was a bit sad for me! Here is this great guy yet he has resigned himself to the fact that he is always going to be alone.


Enter Trent whose grandfather happens to be the Rusty's neighbor that passed away.  Trent is surprised when he finds out about his grandfather's will as well as by the the terms and conditions specified by the old man. Live in the house for ninety days and everything is his. His grandfather was less than accepting of the fact that Trent was gay. On top of that Trent has a tortured past that leads him to accept the terms of the will. He heads from Atlanta to Texas to earn some easy money.


Of course nothing is ever that easy! Trent and Rusty are as different as day and night yet they have a lot in common and not just their instant attraction for one another. The pair begin to work together between the two ranches and then Reed gets thrown into the mix. He is in his fifties and acts more like a whiny two year old at times. All in all this was a good read and I got the feeling that as unaccepting as Trent's grandfather was his will just went to prove how much he loved his grandson and thought of Rusty. Bringing Trent there was a way for him to not only provide for him but also help Rusty with his loneliness.


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This review was first published at Blushing Reads.

5 Stars
A Highlander's Obsession: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Vonnie Davis

This book series is the one that made me finally like shifter romances! I hated them before! In fact I hated most paranormal romance until I read this series. I actually started this series wrong! I read book two first which is fine as they can be read on their own but I loved it so much that I went back and readA Highlander’s Obsession. I am so glad that I did because I adore all of the Matheson Clan!

Creighton Matheson is a bear shifter in Scotland, the oldest of three brothers who along with their mother run Matheson Lodge, and the Laird of his clan. Which means is has a sense of responsibility like no other. Not to mention their is some curse that may or may not affect him. Creighton is 100%, throw a woman over his shoulder, alpha man. He wears a kilt after all! Which of course means he is also 100% hot sexiness! 

“Now, go call yer fiance and tell him ye’ve just come from the arms of a Scottish laird who desires ye more than his next breath. Fer I mean to have ye, Paisley, and I’ll enter the bowels of hell to fight fer your heart.” He slowly slid her down his frame, determination blazing from his eyes.
Oh, dear Lord. He means it. She spun and hurried from Creighton’s office as if the hounds of hell nipped at her heels.”

However he has met his match in Paisley Munro, an animal communicating veterinary assistant, who is staying at the Lodge with her Grandmother while they attend a funeral. She immediately notices the bears and upon meeting Creighton she passes out when she hears his inner bear speaking. She has a fiancee back home in the States who doesn’t even begin to do for her what Creighton does. In fact that jerk is only with her so he can make money from her gift. This book was fun of laughter, a little sadness,and plenty of hot chemistry!


Creighton and Paisley go head to head and I love that while she won’t do it with the jerk back home she has no problem speaking her mind to Creighton. In fact one of favorite scenes is the dinner where Creighton and Paisley have an argument that only the two of them and the shifters int he room can hear. It is so funny and that throwing of the shoulder thing……Creighton does it!


One of my favorite characters is Paisley’s Grandmother Effie! She is riot form the beginning to end. This is a lady who just won’t let life get her down in any way. He’s a couple of my favorite things she says:


“Before we leave this country, I’m finding out what they wear under those kilts, even if I have to hike one up and take a gander myself.”


“Paisley sat on the edge of Gram’s bed. “How did you sleep?”
Gram sat up, stretched, and yawned. “Like a rock. I was so tired of traveling. You’ve no idea how I’ll hate getting back on a plane to go home.” She flopped back against the pillows and winked. “Let’s just stay, shall we? We could open a kilt-making business. You sew. I’ll be in charge of measurements.” She waggled her silver eyebrows.”


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0 Stars
Review: Chrome: With a Heart Forged In Steele (Carolina Bad Boys #4) by Rie Warren
Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Alpha Male Romance) (Carolina Bad Boys Book 5) - Rie Warren

Oh my goodness I have been waiting for Boomer to get his story for a while now. I knew, just knew that he would end up being my favorite!  Boomer is not only the  President of Retribution MC and a Steele brother he is also BIG in every possible way (yep that way too!!;) ) On top of all of that he has striking blue eyes, bulging muscles and tattoos. He's my new book boyfriend!  We actually already met Boomer & Rayce in a previous Retribution MC story and is was clear that Boomer had a thing for her.

Rayce is in contrast to Boomer in that she is small yet like him she has a personality that is bigger than life. She is full of sass and doesn't hold back. In fact it isn't until Boomer takes her home and discovers her secrets that you realize just how much she uses her sass as a cover. She is the only female mechanic at  Stone's Garage where she the men respect her and appreciate her skills. All of the guys at the garage think of her a sister and are very protective of her. That is all of the guys except for Boomer who has all sorts of filthy thoughts when he sees her covered in grease bent over a car. I'm gonna be honest and say I couldn't blame him. I mean if I saw him bent over a car there would be all sorts of filthy thoughts running through my head so why shouldn't guys do the same thing about chics. 


We get the story from Boomer's POV which I loved. I enjoyed knowing what he was thinking especially since he has felt so responsible for the things that happened the night of his parent's deaths. Boomer is full of responsibility and it shows. He's the kind of man that any woman would want because you know that he would not only take care of you but would protect you with his life.  Once again Rie Warren has not only provided the ultimate fantasy man but she has thrown in plenty of steamy sex, family love, and growth for a couple that are a little broken. 


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This review was first published at Blushing Reads.

Cover Reveal: Addiction (Seven Deadly Sins #1) by Shantel Tessier


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5 Stars
Review: A Highlander's Passion
A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel - Vonnie Davis

This is book two in A Highlander's Beloved series and I fell just as love with this book as I did the first. Kenzie Denune has loved Bryce since the day she met him and they were the best of friends until the day Bryce meets Miranda. Bryce marries Miranda when she becomes pregnant and then when his daughter Colleen is born, Miranda dies. Bryce vows never to love another for the memory of his wife. A few years after Miranda's death Kenzie and Bryce begin seeing one another but Bryce can't seem to get pass the guilt he feels for loving someone other than Miranda. So a heartbroken Kenzie falls for Duncan who is abusive, a drunk and addict who beats Kenzie to the point of miscarriage and hospitalized.  Bryce vows then and there to win Kenzie back.  

Since the miscarriage Kenzie has been trying to put her life back together, even if it's alone, and learning more about her Wiccan powers. Bryce's bear has other thoughts and demands he take Kenzie but the man knows he has made a lot of mistakes that he needs to make up for. Secrets that Kenzie never wanted Bryce to know about comes out and while they try to work through their grief and start again Effie drops a bomb. Now they have a crazy evil man after Kenzie who thinks that running to keep the man and family she loves safe.

Bryce is the most silver tounged Highlander charmer that I've read. He could charm the Pope out of his clothing! Of course it doesn't hurt that he is sexy and hunky either. He sees himself as a simple gardener but he is anything but. He is also the most senstivie of the three brothers and that bothers him a bit. 

“His head lowered and his breath feathered over her face. "Ye belong to me, Kenzie Denune - every passionate, stunning part of ye. Me, Colleen, and our entire family, we all need ye." His lips moved against hers as he spoke. "But mainly, me, for ye fit against me, every delectable inch, outside and in." Then his lips covered hers and took control.”

Kenzie  has been through the ringer and she is learning to be strong on her own. Yet there is such a sadness about her that you can actually feel it within your soul. You know from page one that these two belong together but there is just so much hurt and pain for them to get past and their future is so unsure.

Of course Effie is back and I love her as always!

"What's to tell? He's the youngest of the Matheson brothers, but then maybe ye ken that since yer granddaughter is married to the eldest."
"No. Tell me about your relationship with him and how you ended up with his muddy hand prints on your boobs. I'm betting that story is a barn burner.”

Also you get to see more of Colleen, Bryce and Miranda's daughter, who is not only intelligent but sassy and inquisitive. She is every bit as much a charmer as Bryce and can find particular hidden magazines anywhere. Nor does she mind leaving them on the dinner table to rat you out either!
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5 Stars
He's So Fine (A BBW Stepbrother Romance) - Marie Mason
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. Please note that if this warning appears there is a chance that excerpt(s) shared could contain sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence




Theirs was not a forbidden love…but was it a love never meant to be?

Cage knew he was bad. Bad to the bone. A cheesy description, but one that fit the underground fighter perfectly. He loved to fight, he loved to f***. Despite his reputation, he tried to stay away from trouble. He usually succeeded. Until the day trouble found him in the form of a curvy stepsister.

Abby Snow was a good girl. Straight A student, attending college on a scholarship and…a virgin. When her stepbrother is invited to the Hamptons for a true family vacation, Abby knew she was in for a summer of heartache. He was big and strong with a cocky attitude…he was so fine.


I will readily admit that this is the first book I have ever read about the whole step-sibling romance deal. I thought I would be so grossed out that I couldn’t enjoy the story. I was wrong however because of the way the story is written I didn’t really think of Cage and Abby as step-siblings. Cage never knew his father and always assumed he was not wanted. While Abby’s father died when she was young and her mother remarried, marrying Cage’s father.


I thought Cage was a bit of an arrogant jerk at first. He talks about his abilities with the women in the first few pages often and I thought it made him a jerk. However as the story progressed I realized that he wasn’t so much a jerk as broken. Never knowing his father, his mother overdosed when he was young and after ending up in the system he ended up on his own. He was lucky he wasn’t anymore screwed up. When his father finally finds him and asks him to come to the Hamptons Cage’s first thought is to say no. Yet his friend Frank makes him go. When he first arrives he is the manwhore that he seems to be right up until Abby steps onto the porch.


Even Cage admits that she is different. Abby is different too in that she doesn’t want to accept her step-father’s millions. She is happy in her regular clothes and attending college. She is immediately attracted to Cage and they both seem to dance all around their attraction for a while. Cage loves Abby’s innocence (yep she’s a virgin!) and her curves which she has been insulted for in the past. I love when Cage gets jealous and when Abby’s mother lets him know that she knows what is going on. Also the way both Cage and Abby come to the realization that they love each other. The ending was great as well because it showed how Cage had finally come full circle in his life. The sex was HOT! It really was and could that man talk dirty!


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. This review was first posted at Blushing Reads

5 Stars
Review: Healing (Finding Home, #1 )
Healing (Finding Home Book One) - Rachel Caid




After a devastating loss, Anna Johnston has finally gotten the pieces of her life to fit back together and has created a comfortable pattern for her and her son, Roman. Trying to protect both of their hearts, Anna has given up on dating accepting that she will never completely heal from losing Roman’s father.


Noah Evans just got out of a relationship based on lies and isn’t looking for anything permanent. New to town, he and his friend and business partner are focused on finishing their new remodel and making money. One boys’ night out introduces him to Anna and all of that changes. Noah wants something real; a place to call home.

He might be pushy, but Noah is determined to get what he wants. Just as Anna and Noah start to come together, someone from the past comes back to cause trouble.

Can Noah convince Anna to take a chance on him and break free from the pain of her memories? Will Anna look past what she cannot change to see a future that includes Noah?

**Due to graphic sex scenes 18+ please



“Are you going to stare at the door all night or are you going to come in here and explain what I just walked in on?” Christine’s shout from the living room pulled me out of my stupor. I turned and walked to the couch. When I sat down, I curled my legs underneath me and hugged one of the pillows. I didn’t know what to say. I wavered between showering Noah’s scent off of me and reliving the whole scene with my sister. She waited a few heartbeats, letting me settle, before making me spill.

“Alright Banana, I’ve given you a minute. Now, tell me again how you’re not interested in dating Noah? You seemed pretty interested as the two of you were eye fucking all night and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to suck face with guys you don’t want to date.” She quirked her lips and held back the laughter I knew was bubbling up inside her.

“There was no eye fucking and what you walked in on was a momentary lapse in judgment. He took me by surprise, is all, and it won’t happen again. I don’t have time and I won’t have a parade of men in and out of Roman’s life. This isn’t even worth talking about.” I was angry now; angry at Noah for kissing me, yes, but more angry that I let him. Hell, I did more than let him. Now I was knocked off kilter, feeling too much about someone I had just met. My world had spun out of control. It was one hell of a kiss though.

“You know sis, it’s ok to be a priority too. You are the best mom Roman could ask for. No one is asking you to stop being that for him. We just want you to take care of yourself too. You deserve it, honey. I know you don’t want me to say it, but I’m going to anyway. Henry would be so disappointed that you are holding yourself back. He never would have wanted you to be lonely. You have to believe that.” Tears filled both of our eyes; I knew she was right.


“I’m so afraid, Chris. So many things could go wrong, and it won’t be just me that suffers. I need to think of Roman. Maybe if Noah is willing to go slowly, really slowly, maybe it could work.” I stood and walked over to her, giving her a hug. “I need to sleep. It’s been a big night.” She nodded at me and I turned to go to my room. Shutting the door, I let silent tears stream down my face.


This was really a sweet read! It has been a while since I read a book that was so sweet but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Anna and Noah’s story. They both really just pulled me in for some reason. Anna is a single mother who is putting her son as her top priority and is just so use to doing everything on her own. While Noah is all alpha male which truthfully was a little bit of a surprise. I guess I thought he would be more sweet, boy next-door rather than all HOT alpha male. He does have an ex who makes an attempt to ruin things.  All in all this was a wonderful book and really can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this series. This was the perfect weekend read for me and should be on your list of to be read this month.


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*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via the author, in exchange for an honest review.*

5 Stars
Review: Dangerous Secrets
Dangerous Secrets: Callaghan Brothers, Book 1 - Abbie Zanders

This review was originally posted on Blushing Reads


Can you say OMG? I stumbled uponDangerous Secrets while I was on vacation and found it amazing! Abbie Zanders has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  The Callaghan brothers all were once Navy SEALs and now work for the secretly for the government. They are the guys that get called when there is no one else that can handle the job. However they all have regular jobs as well and have laid down roots in the town they live in. Jake Callaghan runs the family's Irish pub along with his brother Ian and on a really busy night in walks a woman that blows him away.

Taryn Malone gets stranded when her car breaks down. She is out of money and needs a job so she heads into the pub and ends up being a bartender. Jake also gives her a room to stay in above the pub where he and most of his brothers also stay. I love how various brothers all seem to get into the bed with Taryn. Nothing sexual happens but at one point she asks what is up with all that!

"What the hell is with your brothers, anyway?" she asked. "Do they do this to everyone?"

It is clear from the beginning that Taryn and Jake are attracted to one another and when they finally give in to that attraction Jake acts like a man and things go downhill from there. Taryn runs but is waylaid by none other than Kane, Jake older brother whom she hasn't met. I love the relationship that Kane and Taryn develop. It is so sweet (Kane is my favorite brother) and the friendship lasts throughout the series. The guys know that something is up and when the past she is running from catches up with her they don't hesitate to do something about it.

There is just so much to love about this series! For example how all of the brothers are different yet so similar. They all have the same piercing blue eyes, a Callaghan Crest tattoo with their specialty on it, and each book is about them meeting their croie (Irish for heart.)

4.5 Stars
Review: Tamed by the Outlaw
Tamed By The Outlaw (Entangled Lovestruck) (What happens in Vegas) - Michelle Sharp

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley. This review was originally posted on Blushing Reads


While this was a fairly quick read it was truly a great read. A little miscommunication sets you up for all sorts of fun romantic problems in Tamed by the Outlaw! Grayson Reynolds  is bound and determined to cut all ties with the romance division of his grandfather's publishing firm that he has recently taken over. Now he keeps saying that it has to do with wanting to be more serious, etc but I have a feeling it has more to do with how he feels about best-selling romance author, Jessie James (Jessie Jameson). She is the only thing standing in his way of accomplishing his goal and he needs her to void her contract.

The problem is they have a history together! One where they each thinks the other simply walked out after their amazing brief time together. Jessie isn't eager to trust Grayson either because he lied about who he was when they first met and her publicist is suspicious of why he is at the convention. Of course the attraction between them is HOT and once the miscommunication is resolved things get even hotter. Of course if things where only so easy! Things go even further awry and Grayson ends up having to fight to keep his girl.

5 Stars
Review: The Airman's E-mail Order Bride
The Airman's E-Mail Order Bride - Cora Seton

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This is my FAVORITE Heroes of Chance Creek book! It truly is and let me tell you if Heloise wasn't a book character and an old woman I would slap the crap out of her! I really would. What she has put those boys through has been nothing short of hell! Colt and Heather deserve to be happy and get married but then well a monkey wrench gets thrown in and what can you do. Colt decides to be honest while getting a bride and tell them up front what he wants. He finds what he is looking for in Melanie but he in intrigued by Helena. I love the dream he has about his father in the beginning because Colt has some guilt about his father's death.

"I think your stint here is about finished, son."

Finished? His job was never finished. If it wasn't the Taliban in Afghanistan, it was drug lords in Central America, or an earthquake in Haiti. "I don't think so."

"Someone's waiting for you. Don't let them down."

Heather, through the advice of her friends, create a fake profile to try and win Colt. He turns her down at first but then they begin talking to one another. He realizes that Helena is truly Heather and things get hot quick. Then he finds out he is a father and oh yeah Heloise has met fake fiancee Melanie. The pain and hurt that Colt and Heather goes through just tore me up. I cried through most of this book because I felt so bad for Heather. However I was so proud of Colt when he said "Enough!" and put not only everyone else but Helosie in her place.

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5 Stars
The Navy Seal’s E-Mail Order Bride {Heroes Of Chance Creek 1}
The Navy SEAL's E-Mail Order Bride (Heroes of Chance Creek) (Volume 1) - Cora Seton

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Navy SEALS need I really say more? There is just something that is so hot about them! The Navy SEAL’s E-mail Order Bride was actually the very first Cora Seton book I read and I really enjoyed it. Mason Hall has so many responsibilities and the biggest at the moment is getting back the ranch his family lost after his father’s death.  Thanks to his Aunt Heloise he and his brothers have a chance to do just that. The problem is they have to get married by a particular date. Well how do four soldiers find wives? Through the internet of course! Mason places ads for himself and his three brothers telling them they can change their ads if they want to.

“Nice cleavage.”

Regan looked down, then back at him and realized her mistake. V-neck T-shirt, bending over the laptop to search behind it. “A gentleman would have looked away.”

“I’m no gentleman,” Mason said.

Mason has a plan to logical go through each of the women’s responses and find one that is a good fit. He didn’t count on Regan Anderson! Regan answers Mason’s ad one night while having a little too much to drink and watching too much Jane Austen. Instead of a picture of herself she sends one of her ankle. Mason finds it funny but plans on deleting the message and moving on. However he can’t and so he replies. That begins their relationship and soon they are Skyping and e-mailing back and forth. Mason has Regan in the running for a wife while she has other plans. Once he leaves the Navy he heads out to meet Regan and convince her to give it a try.

When he mock growled at her, she shrieked and ran away. Mason gave chase, hooked her around the waist and toppled her to the ground, cushioning her fall, but straddling her just the same when she was down.

“Now I’ve got you.”

“Yes, you have,” she agreed happily. When he bent to ravish her, she gave herself up to it willingly and ten minutes later she was breathless, her clothing awry and her heart pounding. No one had ever affected her like Mason did. Whenever he was close, every nerve in her body came alive, longing for him.

I have to hand it to Regan, if I had seen the state of the ranch along with the gazillion other issues I would have ran for the hills. The romance between Mason and Regan is charming and simply wonderful. They connected as friends first, making each other laugh and finding common ground. Then they meet and their hormones know what they want. They come together to try and build the life that they both want and while they are working against the odds they do it so well!


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5 Stars
Love Under Two Wildcatters {Lusty Texas 4}
Love Under Two Wildcatters - Cara Covington

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


Here we are once again in Lusty, Texas and I will say that Love Under Two Wildcatters is both funny and erotic if that is possible. It is funny because Susan’s idiot brothers think that by sending Colt and Ryder they can get Susan out of her isolation. While that does work I will tell you that in a later book the payback the brothers receive is great. Also the verbal sparring between Susan, Colt, and Ryder in the beginning had me chuckling.


Quote from Love Under Two Wildcatters

Susan Benedict grew up in Lusty and like most all of the residents (and family members) so having more than one man is not something new. However she just feels that she isn’t going to find anyone special. Enter Colt and Ryder and from the get go things are explosive. There is no having to explain a menage relationship to Susan or ease her into it. I am telling you these three are HOT, HOT, HOT! However someone from the guys past really doesn’t want them happy. I am talking at all and Susan ends up in the line of fire but Susan is a woman of Lusty which means she knows how to handle herself. In fact her way of dealing with the guy gets talked about in many future books. It is great! <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src="" alt="

5 Stars
Love Under Two Benedicts {Lusty Texas 3}
Love Under Two Benedicts - Cara Covington


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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


Cara Covington has created a very special town in Lusty, Texas! Love Under Two Benedicts is the 3 book in the Lusty, Texas series and the second that I actually read. All of these books can be read on their own as stand alone books however you get to know the town and people better if you read more of them.  I was fairly new to the whole menage deal when I began reading this series, in fact this series was the first that I read and enjoyed.


Love Under Two Benedicts Quote

You really feel for Kelsey Madison because she has finally began to put her life together after watching both her husband and young son murdered. She has come to Lusty to open a restaurant,Lusty Appetites, which will be a prominent fixture in most all of the future books. Kelsey girl can cook! She manages to catch the eyes of Matthew and Steven (a rancher) Benedict who are terribly adorable if I do say so myself. Matthew is one of my favorite Lusty men! I love when he runs out of the sheriff’s office (he’s a deputy in a town where the police force is a total of 3) and takes off behind Kelsey. Both men love spending as much time as they can with her. The agree to Kelsey’s “it’s just sex” but even she knows deep down that it isn’t. She has a really hard time when a little boy is left in her restaurant by his mother who is being abused. Then someone from her past resurfaces and is determined to make sure that Kelsey doesn’t remember them. The two wonderful men help Kelsey deal with the heartbreak of her past and show her that there is a future for her. One that is filled with love, laughter, and a town full of family. Not to mention the incredibly HOT sex!

5 Stars
Love Under Two Honchos (Lusty, Texas #5)
Love Under Two Honchos - Cara Covington

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Remember I told you about how Colt and Ryder (book 4) got back at Susan’s brothers well it is in this book and let me tell you it’s funny. Although in all fairness they don’t actually knowingly get back at them. They simply find humor in a mistake that happens. Josh and Alex Benedict have this plan to find the perfect wife. They are intelligent and are sure if they use that along with their logic things will be fine. What they hadn’t counted on was their Grandma Kate and the fact that love has no logic to it at all. Grandma Kate hire Penelope to work for the brothers and the minute they meet sparks begin to fly.

“Penelope, this is Joshua and Alexander Benedict, two of my grandsons, and the current head honchos of Benedict Oil and Minerals.”

Oh, dear. It wasn’t the older men who had risen their feet, but two younger ones whose faces she hadn’t seen when she entered as they’d been sitting, heads down, and writing.  Her eyes fastened on two of the most handsome, well-built, yummy-looking men she had ever seen in her life. But that wasn’t what had her heart pounding and those butterflies doing somersaults.

It was the sudden realization that there, standing before her, were the very images of the wispy, ethereal lovers who had haunted her dreams for the past six years.

Talk about a first impression! They are all so attracted to one another that they end up in bed together the very night they meet. That can only mean one thing of course! The men become super overprotective and poor Penelope is in a  tail spin.

“Let me.” Alex’s voice drew his attention. “I’ve been fantasizing,” his brother said as he reached up and began to draw the pins from Penelope’s hair.

Miles of black, luminous locks tumbled free, cascading down to hang just at the middle of her sweet, sweet ass.

“Jesus.” Alex’s one word, reverent, as he gently combed his fingers through her hair, echoed Josh’s sentiment, exactly.

“My God.” Like a man mesmerized, Josh tossed the condoms onto the table and went to her.

He cupped her face, turned her to him, and kissed her again at the same time his brother started liberating her from her clothes.

Then she accidentally discovers their idea of how to find the perfect wife and realize that perhaps what they have been sharing hasn’t been on the up and up. What she does to Josh and Alex is so funny! She is so angry and I must tell you that I don’t blame her one bit. She heads out and runs straight to Grandma Kate determined to quit her job and move on. However Grandma Kate is not a woman to be deterred from her mission and her mission is to see that the unattached family members become attached! Then Penelope, Josh, and Alex all find out that the first night they were together left some consequences thanks to the boys sister and her husband unusual method of birth control. This is a mission for the entire family and bringing these three together require drastic measures!  I enjoyed learning about this particular marriage because in later books they aren’t around much. They run part of the family business so they stay pretty busy.

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